Roaming Showgirls

Our glamorous showgirls are a sensational addition to any casino themed event.

The girls will meet and greet your guests, hand out Funny Money, pose for photographs, and participate in presentations or award ceremonies. The 8-10 minute dance routine is fantastic for a dramatic opening for your play-for-fun casino, or simply if you’d like a fun way to get your guests up and onto the dance floor.

A variety of costumes are available so you can choose a colour to suit your theme and decor.

Showgirl Entertainment / Stage Shows

We can provide exciting COVID-safe stage shows, perfect for corporate dinners, fundraisers, or even private parties. Our themed shows can be structured to suit your budget by adjusting cast sizes (minimum 3 dancers) and duration (minimum of 20 minutes). The following themes can be modified as dancer only casts, singer/s and dancers, or with added options of specialty acts. Prices from $1430.

Cotton Club

All things 1920’s, Gatsby, Charleston, Chicago, Gangsters and flappers. Capturing the folly, the fashion and the fun that only the 1920’s embodies, our Cotton Club shows are a guaranteed success for events with an interactive Charleston number getting people wanting to dance in their seats (or on tables!).

Petit Crazy Rouge

The perfect mix of the three Paris greats! The Moulin Rouge, the Lido and the Crazy Horse theatres of Paris.

What Happens in Vegas

The bright lights of Vegas and classic big show tunes are all packed into this show stopping formula.

Latin Legs

This show is an exciting fusion of all things Latino, all things salsa, samba, bachata and not only. It gets the heart racing.

Show Me How You Burlesque

Taking the best of the film “Burlesque” and mixing it with some cheeky Burlesque inspired numbers designed to entertain the guests through seductions, sassiness, and a sense of humour that the art of burlesque is founded on! *Not traditional Burlesque/stripping.

Circus Fun

A dancer/circus act show full of colour, movement, surprises and specialty acts that wow audiences. With influences from Cirque Du Soleil, cabaret and theatres worldwide, this show can be adapted to any event theme, within this framework. Unique, vivid and attractive, this show is a crowd pleaser.

Rhythms of the World

A mix of songs, rhythms, genres and styles of movement and expression from different parts of the world. It is full of exciting contrasts, changes in costuming and looks and keeps audiences engaged as they move through countries and continents.

Goddesses and Glamour

A Showgirl genre show full of the most exquisite costumes. It celebrates the luxury of European theatres such as the Lido, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse as well as nods to Vegas, Hollywood, New York, London and Rome. It captures a brief story of Showgirl in all her journey and is best described as an explosion of sparkle, sensuality, class and WOW.

showgirl entertainment - stage